Thank you all! That was amazing!

Your favorite editor's conference!

The annual conference about your favorite editor! For the third time we invite you to join us for a day of talks and celebration of Neovim and the community around it.

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Keynote by Justin M. Keyes

Justin has guided the Neovim project as a core maintainer since 2014. Author of vim-sneak, vim-dirvish, and tree-sitter-vimdoc. Working at AWS in Berlin.

Portrait of Justin M. Keyes

State of Neovim

by Justin M. Keyes

Engineer at AWS

Justin has guided the Neovim project as a core maintainer since 2014. Author of vim-sneak, vim-dirvish, and tree-sitter-vimdoc. Working at AWS in Berlin.


We're so thankful for our sponsors that help us make this event possible.

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Masters of Ceremony

ThePrimeagen and TJ DeVries, dynamic and influential figures in the world of Neovim, once again do us the favor of hosting the NEOVIMCONF.


This year we've packed the schedule with a diverse group of speakers from all over the world and squeezed them into a single day. Times are adjusted to your local timezone.

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  1. 15:30UTC


  2. 16:00UTC

    State of Neovim

    Live Talk

    by Justin M. Keyes

  3. 16:35UTC

    Designing a theme with a coordinated color scheme in HSL using Lua

    Lightning Talk

    by Takuya Matsuyama

  4. 16:50UTC

    10 years on, a historic perspective

    Live Talk

    by Björn Linse

  5. 17:25UTC

    Cultural Learnings of VIM for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of UNIX

    Lightning Talk

    by hao wang

  6. 17:35UTC

    Nixvim: Configure Neovim with the power of Nix

    Lightning Talk

    by Gaétan Lepage

  7. 17:50UTC

    Contributing to Neovim (and how it's different from other editors)

    Live Talk

    by Maria José Solano

  8. 18:25UTC

    That One Micro Talk on Macros

    Lightning Talk

    by Jesse Leite

  9. 18:35UTC

    The Laziest Neovim

    Lightning Talk

    by Abhishek Keshri

  10. 18:45UTC

    How to write 35+ plugins and not become more insane

    Lightning Talk

    by Evgeni Chasnovski

  11. 19:00UTC

    No other 'option': Neovim option internals

    Live Talk

    by Famiu Haque

  12. 19:35UTC

    Plaintext Notes: Using Vim + FZF + RG to build a personal notetaking system

    Lightning Talk

    by Emilie Ma

  13. 19:50UTC

    The underrated square bracket

    Lightning Talk

    by Josh Medeski

  14. 19:55UTC

    The State of the Terminal

    Live Talk

    by Gregory Anders

  15. 20:14UTC

    Developing kitty-scrollback.nvim

    Lightning Talk

    by Mike Smith

  16. 20:24UTC

    Programmers are actually humans

    Live Talk

    by TJ DeVries

  17. 21:00UTC

    Using Neovim to Help Develop Secure Code

    Lightning Talk

    by Mathew Payne

  18. 21:10UTC

    Introducing nvim-llama

    Lightning Talk

    by John McBride

  19. 21:20UTC

    Fireside chat with TeeJ and The Primeagen

  20. 22:10UTC